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We've come a long way since we started in 1976 as a regional thinner producer.Today we are producing highest technology of the varnishes, paints, resins which exits in domestic and foreign markets.

We're a growing, dynamic company with a vision that gives us a strong sense of who we are and an unyielding commitment to how we practice business.

We have been a growing presence in Turkey and in the international markets for more than 30 years, continuously expanding our capabilities and our technical expertise.

Actually Kayalar is ine of the third biggest producers in Europe for Wood Coating.

Kayalar has two production plants, one in Istanbul (Turkey) open in 2006 and consider as one of the most modern and biggest production capacity in Europe, and the second one in Lucena (Spain) , acquired in 2012 following the international expansion plan of the group, where we want to centralize the operations for Europe , America and North Africa.

Genç is the leader of wood coating products in Turkey and also a reference in more than 41 countries where we have presence. Genc is the product choose by many Italian and Spanish furniture producers.

One of our main strength is our R+D deaprtment, making us become one of the most innovative companies in our sector.

Our products are develop in our R+D facilities. We have more than 1.000 sqm dedicated to develop new products, where we are able to control of the key point of the products and its production.

Once that the product is created , we have 1.500 sqm R+D testing area, where we can simulate any process needed in the furniture industry.

We have one of the most modern factories in Europe, where we are able to produce 35.000 ton/year of wood coating products, becoming one of the biggest producers in Europe wich give us the capacity to produce our Genç brand as well OEM brands.

Our production system is fully automatic, and allow us to control more than 3.500 points of the production process. This gives us a huge eficiency and allows us to keep all quality standars in our products.

Genç commited with the ISO 9001:2000 certificate issue by Bureau Veritas.

We are one of the 15 companies in the world, allow by Bayer to show the “Woodcover” logo in our products.

Genç has pre-registered all our raw material and substances under the REACH regulations, allowing our customers to import our goods in their markets without any extra procedure.

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