Human resources


Please apply to the positions appropriate for your personal abilities, skills and experiences, so that the selection and placement process could be robustly carried out.

The recruitment process starts with the request from the departments for the personnel.

Our company application pool is used and/or job advertisements are places for the applications for the applicants who have the qualifications necessary for the position.

Out of the applicants with whom a pre-interview is made, those who are found to be appropriate have a second interview with the Manager of the Human Resources and Quality and the Department Manager.

After the process is done, all applicants are notified whether affirmative or negative.


We provide our employees with opportunities to develop themselves professionally and personally for the purpose of reaching a better position and enhancing their professional and personal abilities.

Trainings are organized within the company in line with the requirements.

Routinely, the following trainings are provided;

  1. Job Shadowing Trainings
  2. Orientation Trainings
  3. Occupational Safety Trainings
  4. First Aid Trainings

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